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Hakka Grandma's Traditional Handmade Egg Crepes

A brand of handmade egg crepes originating from a Hakka grandmother born in 1933. The founder, who learned cooking from his grandmother since childhood, was deeply influenced by her passion for cooking and unique insights into gastronomy. During her free time in farming, the grandmother experimented with various delicacies and insisted on making egg crepes by hand every morning for her family, never using machines for batter, as a way to preserve traditional craftsmanship.


Today, Goodzhami upholds the grandmother's traditional skills while incorporating modern ingredients to create a distinctive old-fashioned flavored egg crepe. Each bite is infused with a rich Hakka taste, leaving a lasting impression. Goodzhami's egg crepes are not only unique in taste but also of superior quality. From the selection of raw materials to the cooking details, every aspect is meticulously monitored to ensure the best flavors are presented to every customer.


Tasting Goodzhami's handmade egg crepes is like being in grandma's home, filled with abundant familial love and warmth. Goodzhami integrates Hakka culture into every crepe, allowing you to not only enjoy the food but also experience the depth and richness of the culture. At Goodzhami, you can savor the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, satisfying both your taste buds and soul.

咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 特色純手工手作麵糊蛋餅-1

Goodzhami's egg crepes offer not only the traditional Hakka flavor but also new varieties that cater to modern tastes. These flavors maintain the essence of tradition while fulfilling modern preferences for taste and texture. Each flavor is carefully developed and crafted by Goodzhami's professional team, ensuring every bite brings a delightful and satisfying experience.


咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 特色純手工手作麵糊蛋餅-招牌-1

Store Location

GoodZhaMi's flagship research and development store is located in the West District of Taichung City. Situated in a beautiful environment with convenient transportation, it is close to Dayong Elementary School and Banpingcuo Park, making it a cultural and educational hub in the West District. Here, you can savor the freshest and highest-quality ingredients and indulge in the endless deliciousness brought by handmade omelets.

咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 特色純手工手作麵糊蛋餅-滿滿餡料

Secret Preparation Method

GoodZhaMi's innovative philosophy and unwavering commitment to quality and taste result in each dish being a perfect masterpiece. We insist on using fresh ingredients every day and never resort to frozen products, ensuring that every customer can savor the finest and most delicious cuisine.

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