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Goodzhami's spirit originates from the advice of a Meinong grandmother. She often reminded the founder in Hakka dialect, "Sweep your house daily, tend to your fields daily." This implies the need for constant effort and perseverance for success.

Raised on these teachings, the founder adopted this ethos for life. Daily overseeing all ingredients and cooking processes, he embodies the Hakka spirit of hard work, resilience, and bold innovation. Quality control is rigorous, treating each dish served to customers as if it were for his own child, striving for culinary perfection.

At Goodzhami, you can savor this Hakka spirit. Every dish undergoes careful selection and rigorous scrutiny, personally tasted and approved by the founder, ensuring the finest culinary experience for every customer. Goodzhami infuses each dish with the perseverance, determination, and quality commitment of the Hakka culture.


Special Batter

Daily Freshness

50-Year Legacy

咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 煎餅皮的智慧
咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 創辦人特調秘傳麵糊

Secret Recipe

Goodzhami's batter recipe, a unique culinary secret, stems from 50 years of grandmother's meticulous research and practice, evolving through generations of tradition and innovation.

Goodzhami's unique method of frying batter demands precision in heat control, requiring extensive experience and skill. Each frying session is meticulously managed to achieve a crepe that's crispy outside, soft inside, and satisfyingly dense.

This exquisite craftsmanship and unique recipe give Goodzhami's egg crepes a distinctive taste and classic flavor. Each bite reflects the grandmother's experience and heritage, as if immersing in a world of gourmet delight. Goodzhami's crepes maintain traditional taste while featuring a modern twist, offering surprise and joy with every bite.

At Goodzhami, taste the culmination of grandmother's 50 years of dedication, a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Each crepe, rigorously overseen and finely crafted by Goodzhami's professional team, guarantees the highest quality and flavor, satisfying both your palate and soul.

Seamlessly Blending Tradition and Modernity


咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 堅持使用有機雞蛋
咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 麵糊打發得恰到好處
咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 市面上找不到的美好餅皮
Selected Organic Eggs
Local Soft Flour
Perfectly Soft Texture

Goodzhami's egg crepes feature organically sourced eggs as the main ingredient, ensuring quality and health. Goodzhami is meticulous in selecting the finest ingredients for each crepe.

The locally produced soft flour is a distinctive feature of Goodzhami. Carefully selected and prepared, it offers a soft, elastic texture, combining both a satisfying and delicious experience, making it unforgettable.

With each frying, Goodzhami's professional team carefully manages the heat to ensure a crispy exterior and soft interior of the egg crepe, offering a dense yet melting texture. This precise control of heat is not just respect for the ingredients but also a dedication to every customer.

Made-to-Order Daily


咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 堅持現點現做餅皮
Exquisite Fresh Taste

Goodzhami adheres to a made-to-order philosophy to ensure freshness and quality of ingredients. High standards are set for the crepe skin, with each production undergoing strict control and careful preparation to ensure its crispness and elasticity. The wait is worth it for a taste that pre-made or thin batter cannot match.

咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 超具特色的餡料
Unique Secret Filling

Goodzhami is committed to merging modern and classic dishes, with each dish being the result of hundreds of hours of testing by the founder. Believing in maintaining traditional flavors while infusing modern elements, this approach makes the dishes more diverse and aligned with contemporary taste preferences.

咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 左三煎右三煎
咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 阿嬤的智慧 蛋餅的智慧

To elevate egg crepes beyond just a breakfast option, the 'Hearty Bites' series was introduced, enriching this classic delicacy for both breakfast and lunch. Each dish in this series is meticulously overseen and crafted by Goodzhami's team, ensuring the best quality and flavor. 'Hearty Bites' offers a novel choice for your breakfast and lunch.


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