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咕渣米 Good Zha Mi 菜單詳情 BANNER


​/Popular Flavors/

Signature Special Pork Cutlet
Cabbage (Glass Noodles + Shiitake Mushrooms)
Pidan(Century Egg)
Thai-Style Shredded Chicken
Molten Cheese (Cheese Shreds & Cheese Slices)
Crispy Karaage Chicken (Original/Spicy)
Taiwanese Sausage & Pidan
Korean Kimchi
Tuna Egg Crepe (Without Onions & Three-Color Beans)
Bacon/Potato Pancake/Pork Floss/Double Eggs/Corn
Scallion/Basil/Cheese/Ham/Hot Dog
Original Egg Crepe

​/Enough and Enjoy/

"Enough and Enjoy" Egg Crepe with Two or More Fillings
More Abundant Fillings! Our Popular Super Combo!

Corn Scallion Cheese

Basil Special Pork Cutlet

Tuna Corn Basil

Potato Pancake Corn Cheese

Scallion Pork Cutlet Cheese

Century Egg Pork Floss Basil

Molten Cheese Bacon

Cabbage Special Pork Cutlet

Korean Kimchi Pork Cutlet

*Choose any three fillings to create your own Satisfying Combo


Potato Pancake
Mini Hot Dog
 (Taichung Only)
Crispy Silver Thread Roll (Condensed Milk/Pepper)
Crispy Radish Cake
Sweet Potato and Taro Q Balls

One-Bite Dumplings (8 Pieces)
American-Style Crispy Fries
Chicken Nuggets
Mini Chicken Balls
Crispy Chicken Leg (Original/Spicy)
GoodZhaMi Combo
(Fries/One-Bite Dumplings/Mini Chicken Balls)


Traditional Black Tea
Rich Milk Tea
Black Tea with Milk
Fragrant Soy Milk (Sweetened/Unsweetened)
Soy Milk Tea
Soy Milk with Milk

★Only soy milk is adjustable in sweetness.


Signature Coffee 
(Taichung Only)
Vanilla Latte 
(Taichung Only)
Hazelnut Latte (Taichung Only)
Sea Salt Caramel Latte (Taichung Only)
Mocha Cocoa Latte (Taichung Only)
Spanish Latte (Taichung Only)
(Condensed Milk Latte)

★ Fixed sweetness, cannot be adjusted
★All coffees are 12oz / Available in both hot and cold

​/Exclusive Offering/

Dried Fish Garlic Chili Sauce

To maintain product freshness, please place your order 3 to 5 days in advance.

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